About Us

Located in the heart of Jaipur City Heritage. We create jewelry that looks fabulous and shines bright while wearing it the same time. Since our dawn our artists have done the unthinkable in our line of business. Our motto is “Eminence” the product that’s produced within our walls is no less than impervious! Before expanding our horizons in the world of internet, we crafted jewelry for India for decades. The jeweler blood that bred in our bones keeps our engine running.

The creation: A jeweler that rises from ground zero and make a name in the world-renowned market known to millions of dwellers and buyers, our forefathers started jewelling many moons ago before any telltales. Since they made it possible and gave the world something new in the shapes they thought the would love and it has! Wonder a community determined to deliver stones that we all hold precious and metals that shine above all, the exact thing the community wanted to bring forth, their interconnected ideas and knowledge followed by technology and room for new talent has made it one of the most expensive industries in the world.

Digital Immersion: Femmes Bijoux meaning Women’ Jewelry a term taken from French and implemented into business to generate awareness and trade. Covid-19 has taken down many businesses with it chiefly those relied upon local trade yet the businesses that solely rely upon ecommerce platform affected the least. On the bright side, it was the right opportunity to dive and immerse in a new world of customers with unfathomable resources and tools of a new era. A platform adopted by trillions of users all over the world.

We admire and share our passion with interested fellas you would deem our work useful and appreciate our time, we offer a variety in rings and other wearables.

We guarantee good quality products that are shipped from our warehouse, quality check beforehand is mandatory or the item gets denied when it scanned before shipping.

We love to keep every knowledge transparent about your product from ordering to shipping.

Femmes Bijoux puts first things first which means delivering to you the right product at the earliest and great pricing and acknowledging every detail that may produce negative results sooner or later.